The past few years have seen a transition in my work from street art to fine art; in the wake of New York's relentless expansion upwards and outwards, valuable public real estate for urban-minded artists to express themselves started to disappear. Rather than fight for space to put art on the streets, I began to take from the streets to create art that directly reflects themes of consumption, gentrification, globalization, and the ephemerality of modern culture. Simple wheat paste and paper has become the foundation of my recent work, creating collage and décollage out of pervasive fashion ads, building permits, "cash for houses" signs, and the like, scoring, pulling out, and building upon their many layers to become sculptural commentaries on themselves and the society from which they are gathered. symbolizing our ever-shortening attention spans and insatiable need for more and easily-digestible trends. I cut through and unearth layers upon layers, letting them feud among themselves in a figurative battle of one-upsmanship to become sculptural, textural commentaries on the society from which they are gathered, a society where newer/bigger/faster/more expensive is better, where consumerism is king, and where everything, including the very facets that make it unique, is expendable.

Lee Russell Holin received his M.F.A. with a concentration in Drawing from New York Academy of Art. Shortly after completing his masters degree, he embarked on his street art career under the moniker Russell King, using hs home town of New York and its surrounding boroughs as a frame and inspiration for his work. He experimented with site-specific video installations, sign postings, and repurposing existing structures. Holin has been recognized in publications such as the Huffington Post, New York Times, and Business Insider, and was featured as one of NYC's most prolific street artists in Yoav Litvin's book "Outdoor Gallery: New York City."

Lee Russell lives and works in New York City

Holin has exhibited both nationally and internationally in London, Munich, Tehran, Los Angeles, and throughout New York.


M.F.A. New York Academy of Art, 2002
B.F.A. Long Island University, 1999

Select Group shows:

(upcoming) Combined Talents, Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts; Tallahassee FLA, 8/19/19 - 9/29/19

Collage, Arts Warehouse; Delray Beach FLA, 2019

National Art League; Douglaston NY, 2019

TriBeCa Ball, New York Academy of Art; New York NY, 2019

Made In New York, Schweinfurth Art Center; Auburn NY, 2019

Outside Inside; Patchogue NY, 2018

High Contrast, 212 Arts; New York NY, 2018

Art Beat Next Generation; London, 2016

Stroke; Munich, 2016

Surplus Candy LA; Los Angeles CA, 2016

Surplus Candy NY; New York NY, 2015

Take Home a Nude, Sotheby's; New York NY, 2015

Tehran to NYC/NYC to Tehran; Tehran, Iran 2014

Red Bull Curates; Brooklyn NY, 2012


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